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The everyday world is more than what seems to be. Below the surface of conventional life is a darker underbelly, one comprised of things and people that were forced to withdraw from humanity long ago. While their existence hinges on remaining unknown to the world at large, they are recognized by select groups of humans – humans that act as both protectors of and police for the preternatural. These are the Hunters.

Alexandria Rosselle is one such Hunter. The latest in a long line of them, she is mastering her skills and the territory she has been assigned to: Jacksonville, FL. Her assignment is like any other she’s had in her short career, but that changes when she takes out a lease in the apartment complex named Hidden Reaches…

Hidden Reaches is a series that follows the exploits of a female Hunter has she comes into her own, a man whose origins are distinctly draconian, and the circle of friends, allies, and enemies that surround them. Every battle won, every life saved, every death achieved, will lead them all down a road that few could anticipate – and one ancient deity has always foreseen.



Blood & Rain

Book 1 of the Hidden Reaches Series
Published: July 11, 2014
Trade Paper ISBN: 978-1941426104
Kindle ASIN: B00LPLX29Y


There is something dark in every city…

Jacksonville, FL, is a city with historic roots and character, much like many other cities in the United States. Yet mundane façade hides a layer of reality not seen by the humans – except for a select few. Alex Rosselle is such a one. The IRS and her clientele know her as an artist, yet the city’s paranormal underbelly see her for what she is: a Hunter, the latest in a long line of humans who ensure that the secretive supernatural side of life stays civil.

…that attracts peril like a moth to flame.

Like Alex’s ex, the thieving bastard. But personal business takes a back seat when something monstrous begins stalking the streets of her beloved city. With every kill it makes, storms brew. In midst of the bloodshed she will discover an old nemesis, a new ally, and the interest of an ancient deity. Bearing down on them all is something only one of them can stop – provided Alex doesn’t drown as the city becomes awash with blood and rain.

This hurricane season will be one she will never forget.

 Click to read the first three chapters.

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