Descent Into Darkness

The Dark Lords are rising.  One by one, they make their way onto the path that will lead the world into war, led by the ambition of the First Lord – Hell’s own chosen child.  But before they can take Einlienn for themselves, they must fall.  They will learn well the lessons of betrayal, cruelty, obession, and hate…

Descent Into Darkness is a series of six dark fantasy novellas detailing the fall and subsequent journey of the Dark Adepts of EinliennTheirs is a course that will determine the fate of a world…and perhaps everything beyond.

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His Own

E-Published: August 6, 2011

Against all odds, Ba’tvian Delthanurk managed to leave his serf family behind, along with their derision for his gifts, his ambitions.  Now a sponsored student at the Trinity College of Magery, the most prestigious school of magery in the world, he is determined not to fall back into the dirt of his inferior origins.  Yet his aspirations have led him down a darker path than his teachers had intended.  Once begun, he cannot stop, and so he will descend into darkness…

This novella, the first installment in the series, is now available for sale as an e-book for all major e-readers.


Her Lord

E-Published: January 28, 2011

A mage-in-training slated for the priesthood, the elven lady Nerisse se li Astorae has come to the Trinity’s Red Tower in order to finish the final stages of her magical education.  She has become the pupil of the highly regarded Master Oknare, a senior Adept of the School of Magery – and the former mentor of the blood mage Ba’tvian Delthanurk.

Ba’tvian has been missing since the events in the port city of Menie.  He has not been forgotten, nor will he forget.  While the Mancers continue their hunt for him, he will set in motion his plans of vengeance…and a young elven mage will be irrevocably changed…

The second installment in the series, Her Lord was published as an e-book on January 28, 2012.


His Beast

E-Published: May 6, 2012

Two years have passed since the blood mage Ba’tvian Delthanurk had killed his former mentor and taken his student, the elven lady Nerisse se li Astorae, for his own. With the Mancers still on the hunt for them, the lovers travel into the northern wilderness during the dead of winter. There Ba’tvian continues to formulate plans for the future, while Nerisse struggles to overcome an ability that has now a hindrance. Yet as they seek solutions to their problems, another issue arises: a barbarian fleeing his people in the arctic Ice Fields will cross their path. He will bring with him his own set of dark skills – something that may be of interest to an ambitious blood mage…

His Beast is the third story in this novella series and was published on May 6, 2012. 


Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins

Paper Published: May 19, 2012

A printed omnibus containing the first three parts of the Descent Into Darkness novella series: His Own, Her Lord, and His Beast.


His Command

E-Published: November 3, 2012

The Mancers are falling, hunted and slain by the blood mage they call the Monster of Menie: Ba’tvian Delthanurk.  With the aid of his companions, the elven lady Nerisse se li Astorae and the barbarian Ibestor, he has begun a quiet war, leaving nothing but death in his wake.  As he blazes a bloody trail across the breadth of Orthanor, he will make new allies, meet his enemies head-on, and carve his name deep into the history of Einlienn.

Yet the decision to fight comes with heavy consequences.  The Mancers will not die easily under his blade, nor will they stand by to watch their brethren perish.  With a single message, they have set in motion events that will force the Monster’s most devoted follower, a once-intended priestess, to make a terrible choice in order to survive – and when Ba’tvian gives his command, that choice will be no choice at all…

His Command is the fourth story in this novella series and was e-published on November 3, 2012. 


His Revenge

E-Published: TBA late 2014

There is a murderer in Rathburn, one that had left a trail of bodies that goes back for than a decade.  The authorities suspect a local; the Mancers suspect a blood mage.  The truth, however, is more than either party believes and will lead them to an old enemy.

With allies new and old, Ba’tvian Delthanurk pursues his most immediate goal: eradicating the Mancers.  With their Guild House now in ruins, their numbers slashed with bloody knives, they have gone to ground.  Yet their haven is not safe.  While the Shadows search for them at their master’s beck, Ba’tvian plots the downfall of both his nemesis.  Some skills, though, are beyond his ken.  For those, he relies on the elven lady Nerisse se li Astorae.

Nerisse has not weathered her service to the man she loves unscathed.  She has proven her loyalty, and at a price that neither she nor her lord have foreseen.  Even as she works to make his plans for the future come true, she finds herself haunted by what’s she’s done.  The nightmares plaguing her sleep have not lessened in the four years since the destruction of Jevanel.  Now she must find a way to overcome them.

And all the while, the Mancers muster their own.  A conflict is coming and by the end of it fire will scour the blood-soaked earth.

His Revenge is part five of the novella series.



Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 2: His War

Paper Published: TBA late 2014

A printed omnibus containing the parts four and five of the Descent Into Darkness novella series: His Command and His Revenge.



His Conquest

E-Published: TBA



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