Just A Short Note…

I’m keeping this post a bit short this time around as it’s a busy day for me.  The Evil Necissity that is the day job is showing how evil it can truly be; I’ve been put on mandatory OT for the foreseeable future.  Because of this, I won’t be moving to more frequent posts on the site starting in April as I had previously planned.  Sorry, folks, but I got to pay the bills.

Descent Into Darkness News

The unabridged version of Descent Into Darkness: His Beast will be available for sale as an ebook at the beginning of May 2012 and here’s the cover.  I hope you like it.  The last rough chapters for this story have been posted for those of you who follow it.

The fourth installment, His Command, has been started and rough chapters will be posted during the next update.  The update schedule will be revised later today so please be sure to check it out this afternoon.

Frozen Reflection

My good friend, LJ Gastineau, has just published her first fantasy YA ebook entitled Frozen Reflection.  Congrats, LJ!  It’s currently on sale at Amazon and via Lulu.com.  It’s a fun variation of the Snow White tale with a few twists, and is a fast read.

Getting back to work, so I’ll leave it at for now.