Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 2: His War

Cover Art & Design by Doris Ross

Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 2: His War by Doris Ross

It’s Finally Out!

Ba’tvian Delthanurk, the Monster of Menie, is leaving the frozen north. With him are the loyal elven lady Nerisse se li Astorae and the mute barbarian Ibestor. As they ride southward, they seek to turn the tide against the Mancers who hunt them – and they are not alone in their ambition. Yet even as the fledgling alliance promises to deal a blow that will leave the Mancers reeling, a new threat arises for Ba’tvian’s strongest supporter. Torn between her past and her present, faced with madness, a one-time priestess must exchange one kind of death for another and risk being haunted forever by her choice.

Hers is not the only life at stake. As Absol Omine endeavors to prepare for the coming conflict, his fellow Mancer Veln Greenmeadow answers the call of an old friend. It will take him back to the city he once called, a place now stalked by a murderer: the moorland city of Rathburn. There he will find answers to not only the killings, but to the Mancers’ most pressing question – and trigger a downfall that will leave a settlement in ruins.

Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 2: His War is the second printed omnibus of the Descent Into Darkness series by Doris Ross. It contains Part 4: His Command and Part 5: His Revenge, both previously released only as e-books. His War is now available in the Trinity Gateways Store for $15.99.

This Week: Blood & Rain

Blood & Rain by Doris Ross

Cover for Blood & Rain by Doris Ross
Book 1 of the Hidden Reaches Series

Jacksonville, FL, is a city with historic roots and character, much like many other cities in the United States. Yet the mundane façade hides a layer of reality not seen by humans – except for a select few. Alex Rosselle is such a one. The IRS and her clientele know her as an artist, yet the city’s paranormal underbelly see her for what she is: a Hunter coming into her own, one whose skills are about to be tested.

Something monstrous is stalking the streets of her beloved city. No one knows what it is, let alone where it comes from. With every kill it makes, storms brew. As she hunts for the source, Alex will encounter an old nemesis, a new ally, and the interest of an ancient deity as she faces the unknown threat – a deadly force which bears down on them all. A snippet of storied history may hold the key – provided Alex doesn’t drown first as the city becomes awash with blood and rain.

Blood & Rain, book 1 of the Hidden Reaches series by Doris Ross is now available from Amazon and Kindle – or you can buy it from us here.

Other News

The editing phase for Descent Into Darkness, Part 5: His Revenge is complete and will publish as an e-book on 9/19/14.  The cover is being worked on now and will be posted once it’s finished.

Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 2: His War has also completed it’s editing phase.  As this volume will be released in print, it will be a bit longer before preparations are complete.  It’s just begun the layout phase and the cover is also has to be completed.  Again, once it’s ready, it’ll be posted.  As of right now, His War is slated for printed release on 10/26/14.

As His War comprises both Part 4: His Command and Part 5: His Revenge, I took the opportunity to re-edit His Command.  I’ve recently discovered an excellent editing tool that catches around 95% of errors.  The editing tool is Pro Writing Aid.  While Pro Writing Aid doesn’t take the place of an actual editor, it comes closer than anything I’ve tried thus far.  I highly recommend it to anyone who writes.  I’ve used it to edit His War, and was so impressed with it that I’ve begun re-editing He Begins.

Current & Upcoming Projects

Once His War is published, I will begin outlining Descent Into Darkness, Part 6: His Conquest.  Right now, I’m aiming to finish the last installment of Descent Into Darkness in the fall or winter of 2015.  That is subject to change, and I will let everyone know if it gets pushed back.

The sequel to Blood & Rain, entitled Shards & Lies, is currently slated for a 2016 release.  The rough draft is going through a hefty revision.  If that wraps earlier than anticipated, and the editing phase goes smoothly, it may be moved up.  We’ll see.

Until next time!

Keeping It Short

Things have been crazy the past two weeks and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon.  So here’s Episode 26 of Spartans: The AWOL Squad.  Enjoy, and I will try to find more time to write post later in the week.

We Survived ACC

Cover of the printed book, Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins

Cover of the printed book, Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins, now for sale on Amazon!

Ancient City Con ended yesterday.  We’re still tired from the weekend, but are so glad we went.  I was there with Trinity Gateways LLC, passing out our free newsletters, selling my printed book, Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins, hosting panels, making connections, and talking with everyone who came to say hi.  Everyone who dropped by the table or attended one of our writing panels gets a big thank you from yours truly for the interest, the sales, and the conversation.  You’re the reason we do this, so thanks!

Also, a special thanks goes to Kevin A. Ranson, author of The Spooky Chronicles and ghostwriter for MovieCrypt.com, Brett Link, also of MovieCrypt.com, T. S. Robinson, author of Mirror of Opposition, the steampunk gals from the Good Ship Sappho, K. M. Asano and Kevin Coryell of DraxisWeb Productions, both fellow authors and panelists — it was great meeting up with you all!  You made a great con even better!

Finally, thanks to the ACC Art and Con Directors, Henry Livingston and Chris Gabaldon, for having us.  We’re already looking forward to being there next year!

In Case You Missed Out

I still have copies of my book on hand so if anyone would like to buy a signed copy, send an email to me at darkdescent@dorisross.com for more details and include “Book Purchase” in the subject line. Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins is $13.99 + $2.99 for shipping and handling (a total of $16.98).  I am currently unable to accept credit card payments but I can take PayPal, money order, or check.  Supplies are limited so this is first come, first served.

Another Reminder

Trinity Gateways LLC will be closing submissions for the horror anthology, Shadows of the Mind, at 11:59 pm EST on August 1, 2012.  If you’ve got something you’d like to see in the collection, please be sure to get your submissions in.  If you’d like to know what we’re looking for, or need a refresher on our guidelines, visit the Trinity Gateways Submissions Page.  If you have any questions, please e-mail submission@trinitygateways.net and put “Question” in the subject line.  Thanks!

Now that the con is over, it’s back to work.  We’ve got submissions to review and I’ve got an e-book to finish.  Until next time!


It’s Been a Busy Day…

The whole weekend has been busy, actually.  It started with car troubles on Friday, ran through prep for the Trinity Gateways Newsletter (of which I am the layout editor) on Saturday, and has continued with prep and writing through Sunday.  I’ve been short on sleep, but it’s been worth it.  Since the work is still not over, though, this will be just a quick note.

Story Update

Rough Chapters 11 & 12 forDescent Into Darkness: His Commandare up.  Enjoy.

Now I’m off to get some dinner and then dive back into work.  Until next tme!

Graphics Galore

I’ve been working on a lot of graphics lately.  The world map for the Descent Into Darkness series is being updated with locations from the latest installments, then I have not one but two covers to work on upcoming releases in the same series.  In addition to that, LJ’s been tagging me for help on the formatting/layout for her own cover. Thankfully, writing hasn’t taken a back seat to graphics work.  The two are running neck-and-neck, though.

Speaking of writing…

The Status Quo

TrinityGateways.net Submissions Still Open

If you write horror and are interested in submitting a story for this horror anthology please visit the TrinityGateways.net Submissions page for requirements and guidelines.  You will be paid for submission if it is accepted. If you have questions, e-mail aquisition editor LJ Gastineau at submission@trinitygateways.net.

Descent Into Darkness: His Beast

The rough draft is finish and is in the editing/revision phase.  Since I entered this phase before the last chapters were posted, you will continue to see rough draft chapters updated through the end of March.  Within the first week or two of April, all rough chapters will be taken down and replaced with the chapters.

The cover art for His Beast is not yet complete.  I’ve been juggling several graphic projects, as indicated above, and haven’t been able to concentrate on it as much as I would like.  I hope to change that this week.  Once the cover is completed, I’ll announce a definite release date (as opposed to release month) for the e-book and will post the cover for everything to see.

Descent Into Darkness: His Command

The fourth installement for the series now has a real title!  I’ve already started work on the story, which has, in turn, prompted additions to the world map.  Once I begin posting rough draft chapters, I’ll add the teaser description to the Descent Into Darkness series page.

Descent Into Darkness: He Begins

The omnibus, which includes first three installments of the series, is still on schedule for a May release date.  I’m aiming to have it published (e-book and in print) in mid-May, a week or two after the e-release of His Beast.  Work on the cover art will begin after the cover art for His Beast is finished.

I’m compiling the Appendices at the moment and am wondering if anything else should be included, or expanded.  If there’s something more you’d like to see the Appendix for He Begins, post it in the comments.


Printed editions of He Begins will  be available for sale at Ancient City Con in July at the TrinityGateways.net dealer table.  If you’re in the area, drop by!

Update Changes

Starting in April 2012, there will be changes to the update schedule.  I’ll be posting new content more frquently, and there may be other changes as well.  most of you know that I’m also a founder of TrinityGateways.net, and our sites are linked.  We’re looking to implement some new features that will impact my personal site.  As things get locked in, I’ll post more info on that.  Right now, it’s still in the “let’s see what we can do” stage.

That’s rpetty much it for now.  It’s back to work for me!