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Cover for Descent Into Darkness, Part 1: His Own by Doris Ross

Do you like villains?  Have you ever wondered how or why someone goes bad?  Then let me share with you a story, about a young man who comes of age in blood.  When he is done, the world of Einlienn will know his name — and fear it.

Descent Into Darkness, Part 1: His Own

Against all odds, Ba’tvian Delthanurk managed to leave his serf family behind, along with their derision for his gifts, his ambitions.  Now a sponsored student at the Trinity College of Magery, the most prestigious school of magery in the world, he is determined not to fall back into the dirt of his inferior origins. Yet his aspirations have led him down a darker path than his teachers had intended.  Once begun, he cannot stop, and so he will descend into darkness…

The start of a young man’s journey into villainy, Descent Into Darkness, Part 1: His Own by Doris Ross is now available as an e-book on the Kindle, and as part of the printed omnibus, Descent Into Darkness, Vol. 1: He Begins.  To purchase He Begins, please visit our store.


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