Hey, It Works!

Apologies for the delay, folks.  I was having issues with the server connection timing out last night and couldn’t post as scheduled.  That issue is now resolved (yay!) and I’ve posted Episode 25 of Spartans: The AWOL Squad.

DID Isn’t Forgotten

The first chapter of His Revenge, the fifth installment of Descent Into Darkness, will be posted as soon my timeline stops rewriting itself.  This was something I encountered with His Command, where my starting point for the story kept resetting itself as the plot developed — and I realized that there were a few things I needed to seed earlier than the original first chapter despite all my outlining.  Unlike that previous instance, however, I’m lacking backlog to post while I work out the kinks.  Thus AWOL has made a reappearance in the posting schedule.  Please be patient with me while I work this out and enjoy the offering.

Most of the kinks I’m dealing with surround a new character, one who is scripted to play a significant role much later on.  His backstory is more in-depth than some of the characters I’ve introduced, his motivations heavily rooted in certain events of his past, and while the details are vital to his portion of the story, they do draw attention away from the focal character(s) of the series — Ba’tvian, or, as some see it, Ba’tvian and Nerisse.  Because of that, I’m contemplating writing a short story for just this character for online posting.  It would relieve His Revenge of the burden of introducing a new character, and may just straighten out those kinks I keep running into.

We’ll see how it goes.  Until next time, happy reading.

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