And Away We Go…

Have the time when I post blog lately, it’s to say that I’m really busy — that’s the way it seems anyway.  Today is, unfortunately, no different.


LJ Gastineau, Tricia Sparks, and I are currently neck-deep in preparing our horror anthology, Shadows of the Mind, for publication.  Trinity Gateways is aiming to go to print on 8/31/12, and there’s still quite a bit of work to be done to get there.  It’s that period we like to call “crunch time” where you work until you drop so you can make the final deadline.  Our cover artist, Henry L. Livingston, is still working on the art, but we’ll post the cover image once we get it in.

The anthology isn’t the only thing that has us in crunch right now.  LJ Gastineau’s preparing book 2 in the Crystal Garden Saga, entitled Quaking Tower, for e-release next month, I’m endeavoring to wrap up Descent Into Darkness: His Command, and Tricia Sparks is in the middle of a final edit on one of her projects slated for release in November.  And that’s just the stuff that the web will actually see.  There’s plenty behind the curtain to add to that, and anyone who’s run a business knows what I’m alluding to.  It involves things like paperwork, contracts, etc — the boring part of the business.  Yet without it, we couldn’t the fun things like the anthology, so we deal.

An Update

I’ve posted the rough Chapters 19 & 20 of Descent Into Darkness: His Command.  A reminder for those of you who are following the rough, abidged version of the story: the rough draft gets pulled the first week of September as I enter the revision/editing phase.

Well, I need to get back to the interior layout/design work for the anthology.  Until next time!

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